Oncology Professional Care ’24

May ended on a bright note for OUTpatients as we made it to the Oncology Professional Care conference in London. The conference brought together health professionals, changemakers, and industry leaders to address important issues in cancer care and how to achieve a more equitable healthcare system.

Taking place at the ExCel centre, there were 4 main stages hosting talks and multiple stalls from charities, industry, and other organisations for attendees to enjoy. Our CEO gave three talks over two days taking the opportunity to raise awareness for the LGBTIQ+ community and how cancer care can be made more inclusive to our needs. 

The first talk, with the British Oncology Pharmacy Association, delved into the clinical considerations for the safe and effective prescribing for trans people living with cancer. We called upon health professionals to use more inclusive language, respect patient confidentiality, and consider how gender affirming care may interact with cancer care. 

The second session, supported by Macmillan, invited the audience to explore sexual wellbeing in cancer patients.. With a packed audience not hampered by the early start, it was clear that there was great interest in the topic. Our CEO and the other speakers, Dr Isabel White and Dr Hannah Tharmalingam, encouraged attendees to include psychosexual discussions in their patient consultation, and take an inclusive, LGBTIQ+ informed approach whilst doing so.

Finally, the third and final talk took place in the welcoming and energetic RadChat stage. Turning their eye onto radiotherapy, our CEO described the different impacts and patient needs for the LGBTIQ+ community. Following the talk supported by national data and patient anecdotes, the session opened up into a fantastic discussion with a highly engaged audience who shared their own experiences of supporting LGBTIQ+ patients at work. 

There was an overwhelming positive response to our talks, with many health professionals expressing their continued commitment to make healthcare a space where LGBTIQ+ patients felt safe, represented and heard. 

The Oncology Professional Care Conference demonstrated the strength of bringing different perspectives to the table to understand the unique barriers that underserved communities face.  It has left us feeling energised and keen to work with our new found connections to keep making healthcare a more inclusive and safer place for all!

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