Get involved

Cropped shot of an affectionate young gender fluid person having a discussion with their friend while having coffee in a cafe

Get involved

Get involved with OUTpatients and support the LGBTIQ+ cancer community.

1. Wear the badge!

We want to make our community feel safe and seen. By opting to wear a small marker of inclusion, your involvement can go a long way in helping our community feel supported.

Wear our Inclusive Cancer Ribbon pin to promote visibility in cancer care, start conversations, and display solidarity for our community. All profits are kindly donated back to the charity from The Pin Prick.

2. Donate

Your donations help us to reach more people living with and beyond cancer. You can donate directly to us through our Justgiving page which supports one-off donations and monthly donation plans, or add us as your chosen charity for PayPal transactions.

3. Fundraise

Are you interested in raising money for us? We’d love to hear from you! Let us know if you need any of our leaflets of resources. We’d also love to celebrate you and share photos of your fundraising efforts on our social media (just remember to get people’s consent first!). If you would like to set up a Justgiving fundraising page for your event or activity, you can read more about how to do so.

4. Request an education session

Our high quality education is helping professionals to improve their LGBTIQ+ affirmative care all over the country. Click the button below to request your own session, and check out our professionals page for even more support options.

Get support

Cancer can affect anyone, yet the queer community has been largely underrepresented. We’re changing that.