Close up of a cancer patient's hand with a drip

Check out our new resource: TRANScribing

OUTpatients are proud to announce our latest resource TRANScribing: Clinical considerations for safe and inclusive prescribing for transgender and non-binary patients.


Over the past year we have led a multi-disciplinary team of specialists in collaboration with the British Oncology Pharmacist Association (BOPA) to draft an information page about the safe prescribing of systemic anti-cancer therapies (SACT) in transgender patients.


The resource gives support on how to conduct an inclusive consultation and explores the pharmacological considerations that all oncologists, pharmacists, and prescribers should be aware of.


OUTpatients will be keeping the webpage updated as a ‘live document’, periodically reflecting on and including new evidence and how it can help inform best practice. 


To check out the resource, head to our webpage!