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Research, NHS surveys, and patient stories all show us that LGBTIQ+ people face inequalities in cancer care. We want to address these differences and make sure our community is having the same experience as everyone else.

The NHS has specific targets about addressing these issues, but little expertise in supporting our community affected by cancer. This is where we step in. We are here for our community first and foremost to improve their patient experience, improve their access to screening, and improve the visibility of their experiences. Educating the NHS and other healthcare professionals is an integral part of this puzzle.

We are active in multiple cancer charity groups and push for better awareness of our community and its needs on a national level. We are a proud member of Cancer 52 and Once Cancer Voice, but we also take independent action on behalf of our community.

Yes! Macmillan and OUTpatients are proud to be collaborating on many pieces of work aimed at improving our community’s patient experience.

Yes, we love working with other charities and have positive links with many specialist cancer charities and advocacy groups, often collaborating on or reviewing each other’s content, or speaking at each other’s events.

We have clinicians on our trustee board who help keep our medical information accurate. We are also active researchers in the field and facilitate a wide network of experts across cancer specialties from all over the country, inviting them to collaborate on our work and present at our annual roundtable.

We have a very small team of passionate people. To find out who this includes, head to the page about Our Team

We are a relatively new charity, receiving our formal registration in 2020.

We're Here for you

OUTpatients provides a safe space for anyone who identifies as part of the queer spectrum and has had an experience with any kind of cancer – at any stage. For more tailored support, please use the following links.