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As the UK’s only LGBTIQ+ cancer charity, our team exists to support and advocate for those in our community who are affected by cancer.


Stewart O’Callaghan (they/them)

Founder + CEO

Stewart is the award winning Founder and CEO of OUTpatients (formerly ‘Live Through This’). Stewart was diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia around Christmas 2016 and has been treated in multiple hospitals for their condition. They started the organisation after seeing a lack of LGBTIQ+ specific support or visibility in the cancer sector. Through their skills in research, teaching and public speaking they try to raise the profile of LGBTIQ+ issues in cancer care and support. 

They strongly believe in community and cooperation and are proud to work with multiple LGBT+ organisations and NHS organisations in coordinating their efforts to improve inclusion in cancer care for all.


Lee Dibben (they/them)

Education Officer

Lee is the Education Officer at OUTpatients. They have worked with LGBTIQ+ organisations in the third sector for 5+ years across research, fundraising, grantmaking, community building, and education. They are passionate about amplifying the voices of LGBTIQ+ people to improve experiences of cancer care and support, seeking to bridge the gap between LGBTIQ+ communities and healthcare providers. 

Alongside their work at OUTpatients, Lee is pursuing a PhD in the history of queer youth cultures in England. They are motivated by a belief in the power of collaboration and education to facilitate positive change for LGBTIQ+ communities.

Hal smiling at the camera. He has brown curly hair, glasses, and wears a black jumper.

Hal Milne (he/him)

Peer support

With a background of working in the NHS across a range of specialities in Oncology and Haematology, most recently working in Oncology and Haematology Psychological Medicine, Hal is invested in the importance of community and psychological support throughout every unique cancer experience. Hal has over 5 years of experience in facilitating LGBTQ+ social and welfare groups and activities both online and in-person for an LGBTQ+ NFP community company, for an LGBTQ+ youth charity, and for student organisations. He has recently worked as a researcher for the Trans Learning Partnership, and is interested in social research that benefits the LGBTQ+ community at every stage of their involvement in the research process.

Laura has blonde hair, a striped rainbow top, and is smiling to the camera.

Laura Clarke (she/they)

Social Media Manager

Laura is an accredited sex & relationships educator with a specialism in LGBTQIA+ identities, and a background in queer health and wellbeing. Laura has an MA in Gender Studies and has worked in the voluntary sector to improve the lives of LGBTQIA+ people since 2018. Alongside their work at OUTpatients, Laura is also the Partnership Coordinator for the National LGBT Partnership, and the founder of their own organisation — My Body & Yours — where she provides education, training and consultation on all things sex and gender.


Dr Alison May Berner (she/her)


Dr Alison May Berner is a Specialty Trainee and Clinical Research Fellow in Medical Oncology (Barts Cancer Institute) and Specialist Registrar in Gender Identity (Gender Identity Clinic Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust). She is a medical oncologist and gender identity clinician working part-time at the Gender Identity Clinic in London whilst also undertaking her PhD in cancer genomics. 

She provides advice and assessment for gender diverse patients with active cancer or genetic cancer predisposition, and has assisted charities including CRUK their patient information for the trans community. She leads a number of research and quality improvement projects at the intersection of cancer care and gender identity.


Dr Kamilla Kamaruddin (she/her)


Dr Kamilla Kamaruddin is an openly transgender GP in Tower Hamlets and the clinical director of her primary care network. She received the RCGP Inspiration Award in 2019. Kamilla believes that trans people have specific needs and experience barriers accessing healthcare, and, as a trans female GP, she is passionate about improving healthcare for the trans population. 

She is acutely aware of the many challenges that trans people face to overcome stigma and discrimination in healthcare. Kamilla believes in inclusivity and that healthcare should be accessible to all, irrespective of their gender, sexual orientation, race, religion and socio-economic background.


Jacob Bayliss (he/him)


Jacob Bayliss is CEO of Brighton-based LGBT charity Switchboard, and has worked in the third sector on a range of Public Health projects, campaigns and initiatives over the past 10 years. Jacob is also an appointed governor for Sussex Community Foundation Trust, and is passionate about people shaping the care they receive, and about tackling the broad and multi-layered health inequalities faced by marginalised communities.


Andrew Berrie(he/him)


Andrew Berrie is Head of Workplace Wellbeing at Mind, the mental health charity. He is responsible for Mind’s support for employers in creating mentally healthy workplaces and support for people in work. He oversees Mind’s workplace products and services and the creation of new guides and support resources such as Mind’s Wellness Action Plans. 

He supports the ambitions of the Mental Health at Work Leadership Council in driving employer action across the UK and supports delivery of the Mental Health at Work Commitment. The Mental Health at Work Commitment is a simple framework for organisations to improve and support the mental health of their people. It builds on what we know: based on the Thriving at Work standards, pulling from the pledges and standards that are already out there, using up-to-date research, from UK employers and mental health experts. To date over 1900 organisations have signed the Commitment. Over the last four years Andrew has led the Mental Health at Work Programme; Time to Change Employers Programme, Blue Light (Emergency Services) Programme, Mentally Healthy Universities Programme and Mind’s work with the Midlands Engine Mental Health Productivity Pilot supporting a wide range of organisations of varying size, across multiple sectors and across the UK. He is passionate about working with organisations to develop their wellbeing and mental health programmes, campaigns and initiatives and the role of communications as a catalyst for social change.


Cleo Henry (they/them)


Cleo Henry is a social researcher working at Humankind Research. They have worked on projects across the charity and public sectors, from fundraising to service provision. They specialise in inclusive and participatory research practises which hears from marginalised voices who have not typically been represented in research processes. They are passionate about amplifying the voices of patients and other communities in the systems which govern their lives.

‘I am honoured to be a trustee at OUTpatients, an organisation which acts as a connector between LGBTQ+ patients and the medical establishments which care for them, working so that everyone gets the care they deserve in a way which upholds their dignity and pride’

Jennie Gillions (She/Her)

Jennie Gillions is a freelance fundraising consultant specialising in philanthropy and grants. She has worked across the UK and international charity sector since 2003 in organisations of all sizes, developing policy and training, and raising/ helping to raise £millions for healthcare, humanitarian aid, education and social welfare. She works particularly on projects for people who’ve faced barriers to inclusion. She is also a volunteer mentor for Community Impact Bucks. 

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Our dedicated team provide support to anyone who identifies as part of the queer spectrum and has had an experience with any kind of cancer – at any stage.