Resources for Professionals

A friendly female GP giving advice.

Resources for Professionals

If you’re working with people in the LGBTIQ+ community affected by cancer, explore our resources.

Do you want to work with us to improve the care of LGBTIQ+ people with cancer? Get in touch to discuss how we can make change happen together.

Looking for resources for patients?

Our patient focused campaigns and information can also be useful to professionals in understanding the needs of LGBTIQ+ patients. Check them out here.

Information and guidance

The Human Touch

An exploration of the psychosexual and relationship needs of lesbian and bisexual women affected by cancer and its treatments

Provider Pack

Core concepts for LGBTIQ+ care

Cervical screening in trans men and non binary people with a cervix

Cervical screening guidance

Guidance for inviting Trans Men and Non-binary People with a Cervix to cervical screening (w/ RM Partners)

Pregnancy status guidelines

Inclusive pregnancy status guidelines for ionising radiation: Diagnostic and therapeutic exposures (w/ Society and College of Radiographers)

Cancer and Covid in our community. Live Through This.


Cancer & COVID in our Community


Cancer & COVID in our Community

Podcasts and Media

Gender inclusive language

A guide to pronouns and gender inclusive language

Cancer Research UK

How can we improve LGBTQIA+ cancer care?


LGBTIQ+ inclusion and coproduction in research and trials


Let's talk about LGBTQ+ people and cancer

Manchester Cancer Research Centre

Improving cancer screening uptake in the LGBTQIA+ community

Trans Specific Clinics providing cervical screening

help us make a change

Cancer can affect anyone, yet the queer community has been largely underrepresented. We’re changing that together.