Sex and Cancer

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Welcome to the sex and cancer info hub

This information is written specifically for people living with and beyond cancer. It is here to tell you the practical things you might need to know to keep you safe in your sexual relationships. Use the navigation links or search bar to get started!

Cancer and its treatment can impact your ability to have sex – either temporarily or permanently. It can also impact your ability to want or enjoy sex in the same way as you did before. However, lots of people with cancer do not experience any of these effects and continue to have normal sexual activity.

Cancer treatment can also increase the risks associated with sexual activity, including bleeding and infection. This information explains what you can do to protect yourself and your partner and reduce these risks as much as possible.

This info hub contains general information to guide you, however sometimes you may need to seek further advice from your cancer care team. This might include your Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS), therapeutic radiographer, or doctor.

We have also provided some useful links about sex and wellness for you to explore including NHS resources, cancer charities, and sexual health organisations.

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